About Me

Hi! Welcome! My name is Jennifer and I am passionate about yoga! I am a licensed yoga teacher with a 200RYT (registered yoga teacher) training with an emphasis in Ayurveda. I’m currently studying advanced yoga in a 300RYT program. I am also an Astrologer, Reiki I Healer, and have a love for meditation and yoga nidra. I have an MA in English and have been known to write a few blog posts…

I began my journey in 2015, when in my late 30s I started to have sciatic nerve pain and trouble bending up and down. I worked in an office where I sat a lot at the the computer, and I didn’t “feel” good. I was tired all the time. I was out of shape. And I felt old.

I kept thinking “Is this how it feels to age?” It was depressing. I didn’t like it and so I started to explore what I could do to feel better. I joined a gym and I started walking on the treadmill. I became interested in yoga and fell in love with my mat. At first, the beginner classes were so hard and I wasn’t sure if I could do the poses right. I kept trying though and each class I felt stronger and became more and more amazed by what “I” could do with these poses! I was so proud of myself and it was a very personal victory. A relationship that I had developed just with myself! I have three children and am married (and have been used to caring for others first) and had never experienced such a feeling of pride and strength in myself before. Yoga became my “me” time where I could relish in my physical capabilities as well as become more grounded, more peaceful and just plain happy. I felt alive!

The best thing is that the sciatic nerve pain went away! And 5 years later it hasn’t come back. I feel stronger than I ever have in my life. I have energy. I feel great! And I attribute all of this to my yogic journey.

And I want to share yoga with you! You can do yoga! No matter your age or health. Everyone has to start somewhere. I want to help you on this journey – to use what I have learned through yoga and Ayurveda to help you become healthier, to reduce anxiety and stress, to have more energy, and to live a more vibrant and happy life.

Peace and Friendship,


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